I remember the first time i played Midway/Williams’ 1988 shoot ’em up, “NARC”. I was in Aladdin’s Castle at the mall and i was about 7 or 8 years old. As soon as i entered the coins and hit the start button, my blue-clad Player 1 came breezing down a ghetto street in a hot red sports car. As soon as he jumped out, guns were blazing. After i took down my first batch of homeless men with the standard machine gun, i tried a different button. I shot a missile from my gun and blew these bums into oblivion. Torched bodies fell from the sky. Severed body parts flew about. I was in fucking heaven. (Seems a tad morbid for an 8 year old, but keep in mind i was writing short horror stories about my family dying when i was in pre-school). From then on, NARC  was my favorite game.

I only got to play it a handful of times in the arcade after that day, but i was hooked like the heroin junkies in Level 2. I was still drawing comics of NARC when i began seeing commercials for a Nintendo adaptation by Acclaim.

Needless to say i was ALMOST able to get a decent erection (remember, i was like 9 by then) and hurried out to rent it ASAP. I remember going to Video Center with my mom and surprisingly it was IN! Chances are I probably rented a horror movie while i was there too (they had a GREAT selection), but that story’s for my other blog 😉 . The NES version was just as fucking hard as the arcade and was fucking super hard to beat. Unfortunately Acclaim had to tone down the violence in the game considering that “NARC” was one of the first VIOLENT VIOLENT games made. Unfortunately the graphics were toned down (of course, it was 8-bits), the violence was muted a bit, and you ran out of ammo and missiles like crazy. In the arcade, the bad guys dropped a LOT more for you to pick up.

Compare with the above Level 1 arcade video at your own leisure

It was this game that destined my future at that time. I wanted nothing more than to be Player 2 (he had a red suit) shooting bums and junkies and killer clowns while picking up money, bags of coke, and trying to take down the notorious and fucking hard-ass final boss “Mr. Big”. That was until i realized that Player 2 was black. Then i wanted to be the blue dude again. Needless to say, “NARC” has lived up over the past 20 years to still be an avid favorite among gamers. Midway attempted to remake it a few years ago, but the game was reviewed horribly and the price dropped to 20 dollars within a day or two of its release (i was working at Best Buy at the time. i remember this shit).

But with emulators like MAME and the multiplatform hit “Midway Arcade Treasures 2,” fans can raise their heads high when their friends call them a narc. (ASHLEY RUSH, LOL)

Shit, it even inspired some dudes to make a movie a few years ago. The beginning is hilarious as well as the ending, but you can skim the middle if you like.

Remember kids…just say no. Unless it’s coke, pot, or acid.

The intro to the game says “Winners Don’t Do Drugs”. Funny, i beat Narc like 8 times.

oh yeah. multiple copies, bitch.


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