“Big Money! Big Prizes!”

April 25, 2008

New Contest Announcement!

Why should people in the tournament only be the ones rewarded? Even though the quote i used for this article’s title is for SMASH T.V., i think it still applies to Total Carnage (being it’s the sequel and all).

I’m not going to lie to you. Total Carnage is hard. It’s quite hard. But it’s only hard if you remind yourself that you get infinite credits in this arcade version so it doesn’t matter how often you die. If you pretend your last quarter has gone to this game, then you just might play with all of the courage in your militant soul. General Ahkboob isn’t gonna kill himself, ya know?

So here’s the contest: The first person to get through Stage 1 of Total Carnage without using a Continue will receive 10  Dollars. Now, here are two stipulations.

1.) The Bad Stipulation: The first level of Total Carnage contains two “shortcuts” in it. You may not use those to get to the end of the level.

2.) The Good Stipulation, you only have to reach the boss of the first level, Orca, without using a Continue, to win the prize.

However, if you can beat the Orca without STILL using your first Continue , i’ll award you 20 Dollars. If you defeat the Orca without using any more than THREE continues, you win either a 12-Pack of Domestic Beer, or a 6 pack of Import Beer of your choice to be redeemed at any time of your liking.

Note: This Contest Only Applies to a Single Player Game of Total Carnage. A 2-Player Game Award may be in the works though, stick around to find out.

For those of you eager to try this but fear you may die easily because you watched the two videos i posted of Total Carnage, fear not. I will soon be updating with a few tips to get through the game easier as well as a helpful guide to defeating the Orca.

Stay tuned!


Total Carnage – Total Game

April 24, 2008

If you’re up for some hardcore arcade gaming at the party, you’re definitely going to want to play some 2-Player “Total Carnage.” If you’ve never heard if this game, it’s the sequel to Midway’s hit game “SMASH T.V.” Imagine the gameplay of “SMASH T.V.” as well as its humor combined with the environment of games like “Ikari Warriors” and “Guerrilla War.” It’s quite the fucking blast. If you’re curious about HOW much of a blast it is, why don’t you feast your eyes on these?

Ready to party yet? Let them bullets fly.

Arcade Room Tease

April 24, 2008

As most of you know, there will be another room for those who don’t want to participate in the tournament or just need a break from the tournament to play some original arcade games. Here’s a sample of some of the classics you can get your meaty paws on.

Metal Slug

Total Carnage

Pit Fighter

Rampage World Tour

Primal Rage

Gauntlet II


Arch Rivals

Enjoy for now everyone. More goodness on its way!