Total Carnage – Total Game

If you’re up for some hardcore arcade gaming at the party, you’re definitely going to want to play some 2-Player “Total Carnage.” If you’ve never heard if this game, it’s the sequel to Midway’s hit game “SMASH T.V.” Imagine the gameplay of “SMASH T.V.” as well as its humor combined with the environment of games like “Ikari Warriors” and “Guerrilla War.” It’s quite the fucking blast. If you’re curious about HOW much of a blast it is, why don’t you feast your eyes on these?

Ready to party yet? Let them bullets fly.


2 Responses to Total Carnage – Total Game

  1. Chelsea D. says:


  2. exploitnation says:

    i also have the arcade version of “SMASH TV” on my 360. I may have to hook that up as a companion piece to “Total Chaos.”

    “SMASH TV” is the same type of game but on a game show set with tons of corny one-liners as well.


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