OMG (oh my god!)

So…i left dollar nite, went to Green Room and left there to get to Wal-Mart at about 12:55am. Kevin joins me since i’m driving him home. To make a long story short, i was the first person over there to get GTA IV. It was nerdily awesome. ALSO, i got a PC gamepad for my computer to play arcade games. It’s an X-Box 360 controller but it turns into a PC controller as well via USB input. Fuck yeah.

Bottom line…
I got Grand Theft Auto 4 super early. I may be unavailable for a few days/months.

Just kidding…but not really.


One Response to OMG (oh my god!)

  1. Drake says:

    Currently playing Grand Theft Auto also. fucking amazing… OK so back to DeathMatch later 😀

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